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Welcome to the SolicitBid™ network, the new solution to an old problem. The mission, using real industry experience, was to create an economical service that would streamline and consolidate the bid process for all parties. We have done just that. SolicitBid is a user-friendly, highly functional and fully interactive project solicitation and management system. We don’t want to change how you submit your bid; we just want to help you get to that point. Finally, a product developed to facilitate the process without further complicating it.

There is no software to download and registration is FREE.SolicitBid is a web-based system accessible from any online computer or mobile device. Be as connected as you want to be.

The SolicitBid Network

SolicitBid connects organizations within the construction industry in a way no one else has. Our network consists of Project Owners, Professional Service providers (engineering, architecture, and oversight firms), General Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Plan and Print Centers. Each plays an equally important role in the project solicitation and bid preparation process. SolicitBid brings these organizations together is a simple yet powerful environment capable of saving everyone time and money.

When it comes to soliciting new projects, agencies can vary significantly in technology. Many rely on plan centers while others may post project on their own website or FTP server. In either case, both are typically limited to document distribution. SolicitBid supplements document distribution with a collection of power communication and management tools designed to streamline the bid process. We want to make your job easier. With SolicitBid you can upload your documents to our server or continue using your own by simply providing the link. We can be your full service bid solicitation and management system or act as a seamless extension of your existing infrastructure. Your organization, and its bidders, will be part of the most efficient bidding environment available.

Modeled around the public bidding process, SolicitBid creates a controlled interface to gather and connect all parties interested in a particular project. Achieve full participation, maximize value, develop new relationships, appreciate equal opportunity, and never be left in the dark.

Your Organization

Following the quick registration and verification process, SolicitBid creates a secure webpage for your Organization where managing the bid process has never been easier. We understand soliciting and bidding multiple projects can be a group effort. With SolicitBid you can quickly add coworkers to your workgroup for increased participation and productivity.

  • Creating and Posting Projects

    Project owners (or their representatives), contractors, and suppliers can create and instantly post new projects to perspective bidders from their secure site. Whether soliciting bids for professional services, construction, or goods & services, we have you covered. Go public or keep it invitation only, simply provide the requested information and SolicitBid will do the rest. Once your project is posted, tracking, accessing, and assigning internal management is effortless with the My Solicitations dashboard.

    Posting your project directly to bidders reduces cost and minimizes any inconsistencies resulting from information being lost in translation. You can rest assured bidders have the latest information.

  • Bidding Projects

    New opportunities are delivered directly to your company’s workspace where you and your coworkers can review, discuss, and decide whether to pursue or dismiss these projects. Once your company registers as a plan holder on a project, tracking, accessing, and assigning internal management is easily accomplished using the My Bids dashboard.


SolicitBid creates a dedicated site for each solicitation, providing a common interface for all users. The key is document distribution and consolidation of communication. Implementing the interactive site creates one point for all bidders to quickly access pertinent information (bid date, location, scope, estimate value, etc.), announcements, bid documents, post questions, receive automatic email notification of changes, and access the self-registered plan holder list. Achieve full participation and simplify communication by directing bidders to SolicitBid.