WWTP Decant Facility Paving

City of Sumner
October 20, 2021


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Q: Is there builder’s risk for insurance? Is a bid bond required?
June 08, 2021
A: Yes builder’s risk for insurance is required. Please see the “Insurance” section under the Request for Bids document on page LD-3. A bid bond is not required.

Q: Explain "restoration" speech in the job description.
June 08, 2021
A: In the description of the project on the Request for Bids document on page LD-2 the description states that the project includes restoration as part of the work. The restoration speech in the job description is referring to the contractor’s requirement to restore the ground or landscaping area surrounding the paved area if it is disturbed by the contract work. Please see specification 1-07.16(5) “property Restoration” for specific details.

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