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Utility Billing Reception Renovation
City of Oak Harbor


location:  Oak Harbor, WA-ISLAND County
bid date & time:  October 11, 2018 2:00 PM (PDT)
summary:  Contractors are invited to submit bids for the UTILITY BILLING RECEPTION RENOVATION project in Oak Harbor, Washington. The work shall consist of Renovations to the existing Utility Billing Reception area, Entry Lobby and Circulation Hallway including, but not limited to new reception casework, security grille, relocation of doorway, patching and repairing of existing finishes and electrical and mechanical retrofitting. All work shall be in conformance with the Contract Plans, Contract Provisions, and Division 1 of the 2018 Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction. The work shall be completed within 90 calendar days after the commencement date stated in the Notice to Proceed. All bidding and construction is to be performed in compliance with the request for the Proposal, Plans, Specifications, and Contract for this project and any addenda issued thereto which are on file at the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, City of Oak Harbor, Washington. The engineer’s opinion of probable cost ranges from $33,000 - $38,000.
consultant: HKP Architects
engineer's estimate:  $33,000.00 - $38,000.00


September 07, 2018 2018_0806 ENG 17-08 Drawing Bid Set 1 MB
September 11, 2018 2018_0807 ENG 17-08 Project Manual 14 MB
October 04, 2018 CITY HALL REMODEL 1993_RECORD DRAWING_HiRes 77 MB
October 11, 2018 UtilityBillingReceptionReno_Bid Results 6 KB


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October 09, 2018
Due to proximity to the bid close date, no further responses to RFI's will be provided.


Posted Posted Question
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Q: 1. Is grouting the door frame required?
October 04, 2018
A: Grouting of door frames is not necessary. Frames should be filled with sound deadening material per Section 08 11 13 2.1.A.1.c and Sound deadening can be either bio-based foam or mineral wool per Section 08 11 13 2.4.G

Q: 2. Is there a detail for the security grille structural header, and how it is supported?
October 04, 2018
A: No. The specifications call for the engineering and stamped (by Washington State Engineer) shop drawings of the security grille header to be provided by the manufacturer. This is to make sure that the actual approved grille support is engineered to the existing conditions.

Q: 3. We generally use All Spaces LLC for our cabinet work. Are they an acceptable fabricator?
October 04, 2018
A: Submittal of a Substitution Request Form (Specification Section 01 25 01) would be required. At this time this appears to be an acceptable substitution.

Q: 4. Would metal studs for wall framing be acceptable?
October 04, 2018
A: Metal studs would be acceptable for framing.

Q: What exactly is the beam made out of? Is it wood or metal or structural steel?
October 04, 2018
A: The contractor is responsible for the design of the structural header beam (size, material, connections, etc.). Per Section 08 35 16 1.1.A.3 “State of Washington Structural Calculations for support of door from existing ceiling framing. Cost and coordination of engineering is the sole responsibility of the folding grille supplier under this contract.”

Q: Is it safe to assume that there is nothing overhead that will interfere with the attachment of the structural beam? How will the structural beam be supported and/or attached?
October 04, 2018
A: The contractor is responsible for the design of the structural header beam (size, material, connections, etc.). Per Section 08 35 16 1.1.A.3 “State of Washington Structural Calculations for support of door from existing ceiling framing. Cost and coordination of engineering is the sole responsibility of the folding grille supplier under this contract.”

Q: There are going to be areas where the underlayment will be exposed once the new counters have been installed. Is this to be addressed before the contractor can receive Substantial Completion? Carpet says F.O.I.O. There are no specifications for carpet replacement. Tile replacement is F.O.I.O.
October 04, 2018
A: Substantial Completion will not be dependent upon carpet installation, which will be performed by the owner after completion of this project.

Q: Is the cabinet toe kick supposed to be finished? No rubber base is spec’d.
October 04, 2018
A: Toe kicks should be finished with Vertical Grade HDPL to match cabinet faces and sides.

Q: Will the staff be working in this area while the contractor is working or will they be relocated? Are normal 7 – 4:30 hours ok?
October 04, 2018
A: Staff can relocate to an area on the other side of the reception entrance for utility billing operations to continue throughout this project. Work hours of 7:00am – 4:30pm are acceptable.

Q: What happens if the contractor price exceeds the proposed $33,000 - $38,000 budget?
October 04, 2018
A: It will be at the City’s sole discretion to accept an apparent low bid if it is above the estimate.

Q: Page A0.10 says “Painting to be performed by owner.” Is the contractor to exclude painting of new construction pricing from their bid?
October 04, 2018
A: Painting should be excluded from the bid as it will be performed by the owner after this project is complete.

Q: There are no electrical or low voltage drawings. Are any electrical/low voltage outlets being added and/or relocated?
October 05, 2018
A: Please provide extension of existing power and data to the three (3) new Service Counter workstations. Existing power and data is located on the west wall on Grid 2 where the new Counters intersect the wall. Run utilities through the electrical chase shown in the new Service Counters. At each of the three (3) Service Counters, provide one (1) Quadraplex power outlet and one (1) Quadraplex data outlet. One of the data outlets shall be for phone. Three data outlets for network connections. All Outlets shall be at 18” AFF at knee areas. Owner’s equipment connection chords shall be run down the electrical chase and out to outlets through grommets.

Q: Am I correct in assuming that the permit will be supplied by owner, and all fees will be paid by the owner?
October 09, 2018
A: The application for City of Oak Harbor Building Permit has been submitted by the Contracting Agency. It is the Contractor’s Responsibility to complete the Building Permit Application process, including providing any submittals required to obtain this permit. Costs to obtain this permit are incidental to the Work. All included measures and conditions shall be adhered to by the Contractor. The Building Permit Application is provided in Appendix B of the Contract Documents. Payment for the City of Oak Harbor Building Permit is the responsibility of the Contractor.

Q: Can the drinking fountain remain as is, with no removal or relocation?
October 09, 2018
A: It appears that the drinking fountain can stay where it is, however this would need to be addressed as a credit change order after the contract is signed. The project should be bid with the drinking fountain relocation as described in the contract documents.

Q: Where is the data room located?
October 09, 2018
A: The data room is located on the lower floor, referred to as room #119 Mechanical on Sheet No. 1 of the Record Drawings in Appendix C of the contract documents. The data room is below the utility billing area.

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