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SR 28/13th /Avenue SW Intersection Traffic Mitigation (2nd Call for Bid)
City of Quincy


location:  QUINCY, WA-GRANT County
bid date & time:  February 21, 2019 11:00 AM (PST)
summary:  The City of Quincy will receive sealed bid until 11:00 a.m. on February 21, 2019, for the reconstruction of SR 28 and 13th Avenue SW Intersection Traffic Mitigation. As soon as there after possible, the bids will be opened publicly in the Conference Room of the Public Services Building at 115 1st Avenue SW, Quincy, WA and read aloud. Bids shall be addressed to City Engineer, City of Quincy, 115 1st Avenue SW, or P.O. Box 338, Quincy, WA 98848, and the envelope containing the bid shall be clearly labeled “Bid for City of Quincy SR 28-13th Avenue SW Traffic Mitigation”.
consultant: Transportation Engineering North West (TENW)
engineer's estimate:  $1,500,000.00 - $1,850,000.00



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Q: What is included in the Licensed Surveying bid item and how will it be paid?
February 19, 2019
A: Bid Item 2 "Licensed Surveying" shall be revised from Force Account to Lump Sum with the Item Description "Roadway Surveying". Roadway Surveying shall be per section 1-05.4 of the Project Special Provisions. Updates to the Project Specifications will be posted to SolicitBid later today incorporating these changes.

Q: Where does the temporary pavement shown in TC-7.02 quantified in the bid?
February 19, 2019
A: Temporary pavement widening necessary for traffic control sequencing will be incidental to Bid Item 8 Project Temporary Traffic Control (lump sum). A temporary pavement cross section detail will be provided as part of Addendum 3.

Q: How thick does the Bark or Wood Chip Mulch need to be?
February 19, 2019
A: Per WSDOT Standard Specification 8-1.3(2)D, permanent seeding areas should have an application rate of 3500 pounds per acre of long term mulch. There isn’t a uniform depth specified because mulch is placed both on top of the permanent seeding and mixed in with the topsoil layer depending on which type of seeding area is being laid.

Q: Can we use the fire hydrant located on the sw corner of the project for the temp irrigation system?
February 19, 2019
A: Yes, this hydrant may be used for temporary irrigation supply. Hydrant access and metering shall be coordinated with the city’s public works department. Contractor shall use City hydrant meter.

Q: Will Utility companies be supplying/installing the conduits and adjusting their vaults? or are we to perform this work?
February 20, 2019
A: The contractor is responsible for installing the conduit infrastructure and vault adjustments as noted on Utility Plan sheets UT-4.01 and UT-4.03. The contractor is responsible for coordinating directly with the impacted utilities (Grant County PUD, Zayo, NoaNet, and others) regarding the relocation of their equipment and any specific accommodations for the existing utilities.

Q: The contractor awarded this project will be issued a contract with the City of Quincy but not GCPUD, QCB Irrigation Dist, Zayo Group, NoaNet or any other 3rd party utility provider. Has there been a franchise agreement put in place that will grant the ability for the awarded contractor to perform work on these third party utilities? If not, can you verify that the awarded contractor will have the authority to perform this work? Additionally, no specifications or installation details have been provided in the contract documents for these 3rd party utility conduits (material spec or installation details) or vaults (material spec, adjustment detail, relocation detail, installation detail). Are we to assume that WSDOT plans and specification will prevail for this 3rd party utility work? If not, please provide above information. Will this 3rd party utility work have to be performed by a licensed electrician? Is L&I an inspection required for any of the 3rd party utility relocation work?
February 20, 2019
A: Yes, the City has a franchise agreement with all 3rd party utilities. At the start of construction, all third party utilities will be contacted regarding any potential impacted utilities. All conduit and vaults detailed on the plans are specified to meet WSDOT standard specifications. No a licensed electrician is not required for the spare conduit and vaults to be installed.

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Apollo, Inc.
Apollo, Inc.
Jeff Carlson
O: 509-586-1104
F: 509-585-3686

Contact: Jeff Carlson
1133 W. Columbia Drive, Kennewick, WA 99336
O (509) 586-1104 F (509) 585-3686

Pipkin Construction
Pipkin Construction
Nick Pipkin
O: 509-884-2400

Contact: Nick Pipkin
PO Box 3181, Wenatchee, WA 98807
O (509) 884-2400


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