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The Solicit Bid website, domain name and Intellectual Property rights are for sale. Please email Phil Brown for more information. We are no longer accepting new postings.

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Public or invitation, we have you covered.

Follow solicitations.

Get your information from the source. Receive new project opportunities, access solicitations for free, and register as a plan holder to get automatic notifications of changes as soon as they happen.

Manage solicitations.

Manage and track multiple solicitations from your organization's secure account. Easily add coworkers to increase participation and productivity.

Plan Centers.

Registered plan centers get notified and can follow new projects for free so you don't need to worry about distribution, it happens for you.

Your Solicitation

Your Solicitation contains everything a bidder needs in one location:

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The entire process becomes streamlined, saving time & money

With all of the information & communication contained in one central location, bidding is made easier than ever. Bidders can access documents, ask questions, and be notified of changes in a fraction of the time it used to take.

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Why SolicitBid?

What makes SolicitBid so great? That’s easy.

  • Simple to Use

    SolicitBid was developed from real industry experience. We focus on the tools you need: document distribution and communication. We do not change your bid process, just facilitate it.

  • Free for Bidders

    SolicitBid is a completely free service for bidders. This is the only way to truly obtain full participation in your solicitations.

  • Cloud-based Solution

    No software, no maintenance, no problem. SolicitBid lives on the web, meaning you don’t need to install a thing. Just open your web browser and log in.

  • Low Cost

    Some agencies have purchased costly software or developed custom solutions to obtain just some of the tools provide by SolicitBid. A project can be posted on SolicitBid for a simple one time fee.

  • Saves Time

    Everything is centralized: documents, project information, communication, updates, deadlines. No need to call around and ask for what you need — it’s all right here.

  • You’re In Control

    Sometimes you don't have time to wait. Post announcements, changes, question responses, etc. instantly to bidders.

  • Works with Your Website

    Some organizations already have a website or FTP where they post current projects. With SolicitBid you can upload your documents -or- provide a link to your existing site or plan center. You can use our powerful communication tools without abandoning your existing site.

  • Open Network Solution

    We are creating a unified network accessible to all organizations within the construction industry. Bidders login to one site to access projects being solicited by multiple agencies, for free.